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  1. A substance that starts or speeds up a chemical reaction while undergoing no permanent change itself.
  2. A person or thing that causes a change

    Catalyst is a FFXIV Linkshell, formed by a group of friends from various dying shells to embrace the changes of the game and adapt to those changes as we journey onward together. We are reborn, reinvented, we are Catalyst.

    While we are still a new linkshell, we are continuously looking for some other players eager to progress further in the game that also intend to pay-2-play and rough it from now til 2.0 and onward. We have an active event schedule that we will continue to expand upon based on game updates, linkshell progression, and feedback from our members. If you are interested in joining our ranks or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via our website or in-game /tells to Syntax Lies or Orphen Beryl.

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syntaxlies, Mar 16, 12 11:47 AM.
Recently you may or may not have noticed some players missing from our roster. The chances are you didn't notice because they were inactive and just taking up space. The officers got together and reviewed some names and agreed to begin removing those members. This may take some time to fully remove those members.

In an effort to recruit only the most dedicated members we will be starting an application process on our new website. The application will ask basic questions and let the player know what is expected from him/her. After being accepted the player will go into a 2 week probation period. At the end of he period the player will be put to a vote.



syntaxlies, Feb 13, 12 12:44 PM.
As long as you don't do anything you will be merged to GUNGNIR with the rest of mysidia and catalyst.

INCOMING: patch 1.21

syntaxlies, Jan 23, 12 2:06 PM.
Patch 1.21 will be here before you know it(at most prob about a month) so everyone should be making the most of the events leading up to it. Try to attend as many moogle, ifrit, and Sh runs as you can because after 1..21 our main focus will most likely be jobs, the new dungeons, and what ever else comes. This is not to say that we will not be doing ifrit or moogle anymore, but it definitely will not be as often.So please take full advantage of the current events.


syntaxlies, Jan 16, 12 11:30 AM.
EVENT CALENDER: is being updated on a regular basis now, please check it often so that you can attend the event and coordinate your game play appropriately. Also, please sign up for event you can attend.
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